The Brochure’s Place in the PR World

20 May

I think that brochures still have a significant role in the communication world. They are informative pamphlets that allow the users to learn about a specific topic or organization. I think brochures are most effective when they are eye-catching and informative.

I have found that brochures are very useful for me. Most recently I was at a graduate school fair checking out different programs.  I did not have much time to spend at the fair, so I did not have a lot of time to talk to the representatives. When I found a school and program that interested me, I would take a brochure from their table. The brochure allowed me to read more about the school at a  later time and it also gave me a website that I could go to if I wanted more information. When reading the brochures I noticed that they gave me the basic information about the programs that they offered and highlights about the school. The information in the brochure provided me enough information to let me decide if I wanted to further research the program or if the program and school was not right for me.

 I found one brochure that I think is well designed  and effective. It is a brochure for PURE-HIT. PURE-HIT is an association that is designed to increase the number of university-trained information technology professionals in healthcare. The Brochure for PURE-HIT is unique because it is cut in the shape of a hexagon and opens to a larger flower shape. There are six petals made of three colors. Three of the petals have information on them and three petals have graphics on them. The information on the petals is limited and easy to scan. This is a very important element for the brochure because it is crucial to get across the important information to the readers without overwhelming them with too much text. Also, the colors that the brochure uses are complementary and appealing to the reader. This is the type of brochure that will catch my attention and make me want to read it.

If you want to make a brochure, check out this article outlining eight steps to create and effective brochure.


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