Live Tweeting, Not Appropriate

20 May

On May 29, 2012 I was a referee at The Ray and Melanie Bautista Memorial Fencing Tournament. The tournament was held at Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio. There were fencers of all ages from Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

I could not tweet at the tournament because there was not enough time between bouts so I had to tweet when I returned home. I did search for people who may have been talking about the tournament through TweetChat, but I found that no one was tweeting about it. Consequently, even if I was able to tweet at the event, there wouldn’t have been anyone else tweeting about the tournament to engage in a conversation with.

I personally feel that live tweeting an event is not appropriate. It just shows that you are not giving all of your attention to what you are watching or doing. I also think that if you are live tweeting an event from your phone, it may just look like you are texting someone which rude, especially when your attention is supposed to be placed somewhere else.

I think that tweeting about an event before or after it takes place is much more appropriate. This way all of your attention is placed on the event at hand and you do not look rude by staring at you phone or computer.

I think that one day it may be generally accepted to be live tweeting an event. TV shows are now encouraging viewers tweet during the show. Shows will have a hash tag in the bottom corner of the screen to encourage viewers to tweet their thoughts about the TV show. But still, currently I think that tweeting a live event is considered rude and is not yet accepted or appropriate.


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