News Releases and their Relevance in the Media World

30 Apr

News releases are still the most prevelant form of news distribution in the world. As time has passed, news releases have adapted to the advanced technology. 

I think that email news releases are popular and efficient becasue they help news outlets distribute information quickly. Email news relaeases are the same a traditional news releases, just formatted a little differently. By using email to distribute these news releases, news outlets can quickly scan and choose what they want to distribute to the public.

Another form of news releases is the multimedia news release. This incorporates images, video, and audio compnents that can accompany the new release. There are some adavanatges and disagvantages to the multimedia news relaease.

Adavntage: You can choose the media that will accompany your news release insead of having the reporter search for media to go with the news release.

Disadvantages: There may be too much information included in your news release and your point may become burried under all of the other information. Also if you send too many media attachments, it may cause a slow download time at the news outlet and time costs money.

Many organizations have press rooms on their website where they keep a running tab of their latest news releases. I particulary like COSI’s press room becasue it is organized, easy to read, and COSI provides quality, downloadable images that the news outlest can use.  COSI is being proactive by providing the additional media on their website.


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