Twitter? Why Would I Ever Want One?

22 Apr

Just five short weeks ago, if someone asked me if I had a Twitter account, I would have replied, “Of course not, why would I have a Twitter account and a Facebook profile?” Five weeks ago, Twitter and Facebook were the same thing to me. You post status updates so the world knows what you are doing and you watch your feed to see what the world is doing. Why would I ever need to do that on two different social media networks?

Recently, I was asked to create a Twitter account for my communications class. While I was skeptical at first,  I quickly learned the advantages of Twitter and its differences from Facebook. I now use Twitter and Facebook for different purposes. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and I use Twitter to keep up with my interests.

My top three reasons why I am now a supporter of Twitter:

1.  Twitter has become my primary source for local, national, and world news. I follow 13 different news outlets, some of which include ABC News, BBC News (World), and the Columbus Dispatch. I love being able to go to one website and find all the news that I need.

2. I can follow my favorite organizations and companies. I know right away when they are holding events and contests.  Some of my favorites to follow are Zoya Nail Polish and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

3. I have learned that Twitter is a great tool for the professional world. From networking to job postings, Twitter allows me to keep up on what the companies, businesses, and organizations that I want to work for are doing. Also, I have found  Twitter accounts that are dedicated to posting job opportunities in the communications field. Follow Social Media Jobs New York  for a continuous flow of of job postings that are available across the country.

Twitter is now my go-to social media website, and if I dare say, I think Twitter has officially knocked Facebook out of the top position as my most visited website.

If you don’t use Twitter, it is time to check it out. While your at it, follow me @EmilyCheng_312!


2 Responses to “Twitter? Why Would I Ever Want One?”

  1. raineyfleming April 23, 2012 at 3:48 PM #

    Totally agree- Twitter definitely knocked out Facebook as the top social media site. Great post!

  2. marysterenberg May 2, 2012 at 3:19 AM #

    I agree – great post. Good to hear what Twitter is offering you!

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