“Verb, it’s what you do!”

15 Apr

When I was growing up there was an advertisement campaign from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that promoted healthy living for children and young teens. The campaign was called “Verb, it’s what you do,” and ran from 2002 through 2006. Beyond their catchy slogan, “Verb, it’s what you do,” the Ads also had a mascot, a yellow ball with the word, “Verb” on it.

I remember this ad campaign because there were print Ads in the magazines that I read and there were commercials that played with the televisions shows that I watched after school.  The advertisements targeted my age group and promoted physical activity in hopes of creating healthy a lifestyle for children and young adolescents.

The slogan, “Verb, it’s what you do,” particularly stuck out to me because I used to get the different parts of speech mixed up. Having the slogan repeated to me through the media channels that I used the most, helped me to solidify the definition of a verb. I know it sounds silly, but this Ad campaign helped me to not confuse a verb with an adjective.

I was an active child and adolescent. At one point, I was on a swim team, in dance classes, and I fenced competitively. Consequently, there wasn’t much time for me to add another activity, so this Ad campaign did not influence me to be more active.

I do think that this Ad campaign was very appealing to the targeted demographic. The Ads had children who were the same age as the targeted group. Also, the Ads used bright colors, such as the yellow ball, to catch the attention of the youth.

The fact that I can still remember the slogan and picture the Ads speaks volumes to the power and quality of this Ad campaign.


2 Responses to ““Verb, it’s what you do!””

  1. akalbli April 16, 2012 at 3:52 PM #

    You did a really nice job linking in sites and keeping the flow of the post fluent. The pictures were nice as well and were a good break from words to visualize what you were blogging about.

  2. itstaylorr April 16, 2012 at 4:07 PM #

    I remember this campaign as well. It is very similar to the Play 60 campaign developed through the NFL. Child obesity is a major concern in the world today and I believe both of these campaigns tackled their objectives. However, most of the kids shown on the commercials were very active and not obese children doing the verbs. I think that is where they went wrong.

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